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Major API production


There are several API productions worldwide.

These industries are known as bulk pharmaceutical in most cases, this APIs are located far from where liquids, tablets and suspension are manufactured. Most API manufactures are located in china and India. Due to this, many companies have been outsourcing API products in this established firms.

Most leading API manufactures such as merckGlaxosmithkline and Astrazeneca are preferring to move from multifunction industries and are opting to specialize with specific products.

These industries include:

  1. Tevaactive pharmaceutical ingredients

Teva active pharmaceutical ingredients (TAPI) specializes in areas such as plant extraction, chromatography, fermentation and chemical synthesis.

TAPI has the largest industries portfolio of more than three hundred API products. They are top researchers and have been developing rapidly and producing the best scientists.


The other leading API production company is DR Reddy’s who has more than 60 APIs for biotechnology products, diagnostic kits and drug use.

  1. Aurobindo and cipla manufacturers

This manufacture produces 200 APIs and generics. They are known to export over 200 countries all over the world. These industriesdistribute therapeutic products to major specialists who deal with pharmaceutic industries.

  1. Neuland

This is a well-known contract manufacturer. The company is leading in active pharmaceutical ingredients APIs

Its laboratory has been growing rapidly more than three decades in therapeutic segments.

Neulandhas more than 50API production in their laboratories across the world. It is well known for supporting its clients by supplying of new entries of chemicals.

  1. Sandox

Sandox is subsidized by Novartis which has worn a marketshare in multiple nations in pharmaceutical products. This firm was second largest in generic drugs. It offers more than 20 API production.

  1. Ranbaxy

This firm has produced innovators and experts in generic production. The industry has established four APIs in Indiawhere more than 100 API products are manufactured. It is currently introduced to 65 countries worldwide.

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