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A Different Approach to Plant Extraction

plant extraction

When someone talks about the theme plant extraction, what he or she is actually talking about is the various substances and ingredients that get removed from the plant using that extraction process

This method of extraction is most commonly performed with the help of solvents that treat plants.

Use of Plant Extraction


  • Numerous people claim that they find plant extraction very useful. This extraction method is particularly useful for the people that are involved in the food and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Various additives known to us are actually being made with the help of this extraction process. This extraction process is also used in the cosmetic industry in the making of various beauty products that point out one’s beauty.


Use in Cosmetics

As it was said, plant extraction is widely used in the cosmetic industry branch. Numerous cosmetic products contain ingredients from various plants that were extracted from plants thanks to this extraction method. Products for hair, nails, skin, teeth, and other body part contain plant extracts. Even perfumes and deodorants contain plant extracts, especially perfumes.

Although there are numerous methods of plant extraction, each of those methods is very different one from another. Each industrial branch needs a different extraction method that would suit its needs. Every industry in the world we live in, whether it is pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry, food industry, uses different methods of plant extraction to meet its needs and the customer’s needs. Methods of extraction of the plants that are being used in the food industry can’t be used in the perfume industry, and the other way around. This also applies to all of the other industrial branches. Each industrial branch also has different rules and regulations regarding plant extraction.

Qualification of Plant Extracts

As it was mentioned in the beginning of this text, plant extraction is used in almost every industry. Almost every industrial branch needs active ingredients from various plants for itself. The industrial branches that mostly need plant extracts are the pharmaceutical industry and the perfume industry. Perfume industry particularly needs this method of extraction since there is no other way essential oils that are being used in the creation of perfumes can be extracted than with the help of plant extraction. Food industry and pharmaceutical industry also need plant extracts on a daily basis. Each of these industries has to follow certain rules when it comes to the extraction from the plants.

Those rules are:

  • No radioactive materials, no allergens, no toxic stabilizers, and no toxic materials should be used in this method of extracting ingredients from plants.
  • No heavy metals, no pesticides, no nitrates, no nitrites, no toxic additives should be used in this method of extracting ingredients from plants.

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