Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients – what it was designed to be


Active pharmaceutical ingredient is one of the main ingredient in making medicines these are the active ingredients that has a purpose of what it was designed to be.

Although API is the main ingredient they also need an inactive ingredient to make up the whole process of making a drug. These inactive ingredient is known also as excipient, it’s purpose is to be the one that delivers the drug into the body. The dependent of a drug whether it’s in tablet form or liquid form is the work of the excipient. These are not chemically active as well, they are deemed safe for us. Some of the examples are mineral oil, or the liquid to make a certain drug into a syrup.

History of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

We can then assume since active pharmaceutical ingredients started to produce around 1800 that it started when synthetic organic chemistry was discovered. Back then the production and checking of every active pharmaceutical ingredients were thorough and they make sure that every drug created passes the standards created by manufacturers. Later on the company started to think of a way to cut the cost and to gain more profit and that was the time they expanded and started to send manufacturing overseas. It was a good thing for them but of course every change has a problem and for them that was the ensuring of the strength of active pharmaceutical ingredient and if the manufacturers are making sure that it undergoes the standard checking of every API. Since it’s hard to ensure that and they knew that there could be differences on the machines used to check the API they made sure that it undergoes FDA and secure that there are no defects and that it has the right medical quality.

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