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What is an API and API Production

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This is the active part of a drug. Some drugs that are sued in therapy have many active ingredients to counter the diseases

Pharmaceutical companies are the ones who are majorly in the business of API production. In recent years, corporations have joined in to start the manufacturing in countries where the labor costs are down. This particular paradigm shift has led to the drugs regulation to become more vigorous than ever before, with strict guidelines and inspections.

Medication components

There are two parts in a drug. We have the PIA which is the main part, and we have excipient which is the substance in the drug that ensures the drug is delivered to the right part of your body. These parts are not active and are generally chemically inactive. If for instance, you experience a headache, acetaminophen is the part of the drug that is active while the excipient is the capsule.

API Production strengths

There are certain standards that determine how strong an API is in each drug even though standard are dependent on the brand.

Where are the API Production made from?

Most API production companies are located overseas while a couple is in England and the United States. Asia is home to the largest companies, more specifically, China and India. Companies turned to these regions to cut costs on:

  1. a) Equipment
  2. b) Infrastructure
  3. c) Employees.


The safety and efficacy of the drugs are a serious business and if a company produces a poor quality product, the effects are severed as it will cause illnesses and even death on extreme situations. API production are there put through strict oversight to the destination countries. for instance, if an API is produced overseas and it is being shipped to America, it will be inspected by U.S Food & Drug Administration.


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