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API production – Manufacturing Process

Colored pills

Continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing processes are used to design these ingredients in a system framework

The design has a focus on the organic chemistry, API production synthetic processes, which have a possibility to be extended to fermentation based products and biocatalytic products. The drug development cycle involves a combination f techniques and process system engineering for faster design and process understanding.

The process of API production involves process steps that are specific in nature. The process must be undertaken in very precise environments and a cross-contamination of the various API production should not be allowed to take place. The best part about API production is the fact that it is being produced in different countries around the world. The cost of API production has reduced due to the integration of the whole process that starts from the raw materials to the production steps.


Raw Material and the right solutions

The cornerstone of any successful API production is in the raw materials department. The department should be well managed with proper documentation of all goods coming in, and the area should be protected. Other items that need to be in place include:

  1. a) proper storage solutions
  2. b) Barcode reader
  3. c) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  4. d) Fire Protection
  5. e) Safety Equipment
  6. f) Automated Systems

The benefit of a proper efficient flow of processes increases transparency and improve the safety pf the drugs.

Controlled Laboratory

The highest safety standard is the primary aspect that defines a good lab. The consistency of high-quality products from the laboratory is a crucial step in gaining trust and goodwill from customers. To improve this aspect even further, access control features automation of the building and hazard management solutions are employed to ensure that the environment is safe for the production cycle of API production.

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