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Geisha Woman Japanese Doll Girl Mode Model

Talking about beauty industry, I always admire the Korean and Japanese on producing and promoting their beauty plant extraction products.

They are on the top of the market in Asia which is well-known for their natural beauty products.

Plant extraction – organic products in beauty industry

If you are a fan of Korean drama, you may be jealous with the healthy looking skin of the actors and actresses. They are also very productive in promoting products of their country.

In Korean beauty industry, it’s easy to see the plant extraction products selling in their stores, exporting worldwide, being advertise in mostly every mall. The common is the raw material, they extract more products on the base of tea leaf, pearl and rice essence.

Japanese is somehow similar to Korean, but Japanese also pay more attention on their daily healthy life to stay younger and healthier. Japanese beauty plant extraction products are slightly more expensive than the Korean products because their products usually produce in their own country to guarantee from the quality of raw materials to the plant extraction process with highest control of quality and quantity.

Nevertheless, Korean and Japanese don’t produce organic products at home like some other Asian countries. In my understanding, the reason comes from the support to country’s product, and to make sure quality control of the products they use, sometimes beauty homemade products cannot guarantee the highest quality, and may cause allergy.

For the rest of the world, we are living in the era of industrial zones, chemistry industry development – it means we are living with all kind of pollution:

  • Air pollution
  • Soil pollution
  • Water pollution

Therefore, many people choose to plant on their own using less chemistry support or without chemistry support – it’s called bio-product or organic product.

Increasing in number of use on beauty plant extraction products

With the pollution, it isn’t easy to keep your skin clean and bright. Another reason comes from make-up products, if you lay a make-up on your face for the whole working day; absolutely your skin is suffering, to be precise, the pores is filled with plenty of dust and make-up products. So it’s understandable that people are always looking for ways and methods to help their skin recover after overuse make-up product or getting too much pollution.

Busy people with time-limited, their best option is to choose a brand they trust, then buy their beauty plant extraction products to keep hope of getting back the baby skin.

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