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HIGH POTENCY – supplements include


American over the last decade have undergone a kind of a reawakening on issues of health and vitality leading to a situation where they are better informed and more aware of their needs and choices.

If you pick up a bottle of vitamins or supplements or even multivitamin supplements from a store and its labelled “High potency”, there is actually a legal implication and interpretation to that singular phrase.

Legally it indicates that the particular supplement as require by the law of the United States of America, will give on ingestion 100% or more of what is required as the daily intake of vitamins for a person who takes such a supplement.

There are various types and kinds of such supplements for display and sale in the USA. The very powerful argument going for these supplements is that they aid in health and vitality of the end users.

Part of established good uses of these High Potency supplements 

  • They help to fight osteoporosis which is a condition of the body which could occur in the aged or young in which the bones of the body become brittle and unable to withstand the weight of the body and so can crack, break or give way totally. Any High Potency supplement containing Vitamin D3 will work very hard to fight against  osteoporosis
  • Laboratory and epidemiological studies seem to be leaning in support of High Potency supplements being a preventive measure for cancer. The causal relationship is not yet clear or proven in black and white but studies are ongoing which seem to support cancer prevention credentials of these supplements

This piece will end by reiterating that as it is with any breakthrough of science we must proceed with cautious optimism as danger could still lie ahead with long term use of these supplements.

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