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plant extraction

Plant extraction term may be not new to you, but to exploit the best of it to increase your income may be new to you.


Plant extraction method and its benefit to increase your income


In order to start the discussion, I would like to share a success story of a businessman who used drying method of plant extraction on a simple thought, he did succes and he’s one of the richest man in my country.

What he did – he grew up with jackfruit trees, throughout his childhood, he counted thousands and thousands wasted of jackfruits. Science proved that jackfruit is a rich vitamin and energy fruit, it can save people from hunger. Back to my businessman, when he was 20, he talked to his parents of while wasting such a big amount of jackfruit, they told him because the whole village plant plenty of jackfruit tree to export to big cities, and sometimes supply were more than demand, and none of the farmer could eat anymore as they ate everyday, so they just wasted it as it should be.

That man brought his thought throughout four years in university looking for advices, ways to help his village (knowing that at his 20s, there was neither internet nor high technique developed in my country). Luckily, one of his professor gave him a brilliant idea of learning from making instant noodle, you could dry your fruit to store them longer so that you would have time to find buyers.

A year later, he started his drying jackfruit business, that the moment he learnt the term plant extraction.

What is your thought on my story? This is a true story of one national famous plant extraction product Vinamit. After his success, he shared the technique to help others. So the drying plant extraction method was clearly helping him and his village. And it will help you to increase your income too.

Plant extraction methods which are easy to start a small business with, such as:

  • Drying or Dehydration
  • Distillation/Steam distillation
  • Pressing

Materials which you can start your first business, like:

  • Rose tonic
  • Flowers essence
  • Product from beans
  • Dried fruits

It doesn’t matter which method and which material you choose to start with, just practice until you are confident to use your products, then you can start selling to get feedback and product improvement.

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