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A Simple Guide to Plant Extraction

Plant Extraction

To achieve the optimal amount of various desired compounds and ingredients that are found in plants a special procedure called plant extraction must take place.

This method of extraction of various plant ingredients extracts any plant ingredient with the help of certain solvents. Solvents have to be carefully chosen for each method of extracting ingredients from plants.

Extraction Methods


  • Plant Extraction. This method is highly popular in the pharmaceutical industry. It allows the making of various medications and beneficial substances of medical drugs that are taken either orally or intramuscular. Various tinctures and liquid extracts the pharmacy industry finds useful and makes is also being made using this extraction method. Those same tinctures and liquid extracts are sometimes sold as medicine.
  • There are also numerous other methods of plant extraction with whose help active ingredients from the various plants remain active when they are transferred to medications. Nowadays numerous medications, liquids, ointments, pills, and other things are made with plant extraction methods that allow the active ingredients from plants remain active inside them. Those types of extraction from the plants is nowadays highly preffered.


Pharmaceutical Regulations

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most serious and strict industries in the world. That means that the regulations in this industrial branch are probably the strictest regulations in the world. The regulations in this industry are highly specific and need to have a scientifically-approved background. This is needed to ensure that all of the medications that were made meeting the expectations for them. Pharmacy industry puts up a lot of effort in storage of the various medications and their preservation time. That ensures the quality of all medical drugs that were produced.

There are also various strict pharmaceutical regulations when it comes to the use of plants and use of their active ingredients in medications. It is best to use a fresh plant for plant extraction process. Generally, it is easier to obtain desired active ingredients from fresh and younger plants than from older medical plants.

Before plant extraction takes it place, a special treatment for the plant from which active ingredients will be extracted has to be obtained. What pharmacists need to take care about before extracting ingredients from plants is to make sure that plant doesn’t get contaminated by various harmful substances. The main goal of substance extraction from plants is to extract substances using a menstruum solvent.

The extraction methods that use this solvent greatly differ from other known plant extraction methods. Solutions used in these extraction methods contain suspended substances. The main methods of extraction that use menstruum solvents are decoction, percolation, digestion, infusion, and numerous other pharmaceutical extraction methods.

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