General Overview of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

In Synthetic Organic Chemistry, people know (or at least the scientists taking part know)

that this is going to be a lengthy process, and that by the time they end their simple sounding project of “turn this compound into this other one”, they might have weeks of work and hundreds of hours invested in the project. And they are scientists studying synthetic organic chemistry so it’s pretty safe to say that they already have a general idea of how the process is going to go down (they aren’t just mixing random chemicals in a lad to “see what happens”. At least…I hope not.) but even the most prepared process can hit some roadblocks.


Those Roadblocks


Obviously right out of the gate, the most lengthy process is always going to by the synthesizing itself. You have to mix various compounds in various amounts through several processes to combine them into just the first of usually several stages of synthesis. And because combining them can range from just pouring two mixers together, to using extremely specialized machinery, each step can take hours, if not days. And there’s many steps.


The next problem usually comes from when scientists are trying to affect only part of a molecule, but then the whole thing becomes affected. So then they often have to backtrack completely and attempt to inoculate the part that they don’t want changed, against change, so that the process can continue (and this sometimes means starting over completely from scratch.)


1: Mixing For Reactions (Low: 5 High: 100)

2: Affecting the Wrong Part of the Molecule

3: Insulating the Molecule

4: Making it Viable For Transit.


And the last step, as listed above, is of course the wonderful process of actually finding a way to move the final product around. As most of these things are created under lab conditions, they of course need to be able to be moved away from a lab station, or they generally aren’t very useful. Crystilization is the most common form of polishing the product for transit.

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